Civil demolition works

SFA can perform complete demolitions, partial demolitions, emptying and strip out of buildings.

SFA has successfully faced complex challenges, preparing for the subsequent reuse or restructuring of industrial complexes, even under constraints, condominiums of particular value located in historic centres, shopping centres.

Our activity requires heterogeneous skills, able to check every phase of the performance process, starting from planning, where particular attention is paid to the analysis of the stability safety of the structures involved in the operations, passing to logistics and aspects related to the safety of personnel and third parties (especially in the case of works in public places), the operational steps of dismantling and sorting of materials, leading to the demobilisation and final cleaning of the worksite.

Materials containing asbestos, vitreous artificial fibres, oils and more in general hazardous waste do not constitute an obstacle: the skills acquired allow us to manage the abatement and strip out procedure throughout its own process, relating in a constructive manner with the client and the supervisory Bodies.