SFA was established in 1992 as SOCIETÀ FERROVIARIA ADRIATICA with the aim of operating in the field of remediation of railway carriages contaminated by asbestos.

In 1995, SOCIETA’ FERROVIARIA ADRIATICA, as a result of changes to the company shareholder structure and the transfer of the head office to the province of Venice, took the name of SFA spa (in short) and expanded its range of services by adding asbestos abatement on industrial and civil structures and land remediation and reclamation.

for the removal and abatement of friable asbestos.
for the removal and abatement of compact asbestos.
for the removal and remediation of contaminated land.
of compact asbestos removed.
of insulating pipes with asbestos removed.
of soil worked with the presence of asbestos, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and other substances.
of materials derived from environmental remediation and rehabilitation works disposed of in authorised landfills and/or in local storage centres.

Few companies operating in Italy today can boast such a significant and important past.

At the end of 2014, SFA further enlarged its capacity to meet the demands of the market by expanding its corporate structure, the structural change of means of governance and control, and the recruitment of new professionals. Despite all the changes, one common denominator remained: the historic brand SFA.

In actual fact, SFA is in fact synonymous with seriousness, reliability, professionalism and continuity in the excellence of the services offered to clients who for years have confirmed and still confirm their loyalty to the Company.

SFA operates throughout the country and has a well-organised and independent structure to carry out the services that make up its core business.

Organisational Chart

The company’s governance is entrusted to a Board of Directors composed entirely of professionals with diverse and complementary skills.

The structure of the company relies on a team of permanent officials and consultants, three expert engineers on the subject, as well as qualified and specialised staff operating in complementary fields and on-site:

SFA s.p.a.’s organisational chart

company structure and functions

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