Remediation and dismantling of industrial plants

SFA has trained specialised personnel to deal with the remediation and dismantling of industrial plants and buildings, operating in multi-owner industrial centres, even at the risk of major accidents (so-called Seveso Directive); such operations have also been carried out close to active plants, including ATEX.
Before any operation is carried out on industrial plants, SFA can empty and remediate them, if not already performed by the Client.
SFA can adapt the way the operation is carried out according to the client’s operational constraints, always guaranteeing works are done in maximum safety, being able to provide:

  • or cold cutting,
  • use of non-sparking equipment,
  • operations with personnel in confined environments, rather than by means of remote controlled robots for remotely controlled remediation and demolition operations.
    In this case, the verification of the stability of the structures to be demolished and those that can be used to support the equipment is carried out, the lifting and support systems of the remote controlled robots are designed and certified, and finally, action is taken in areas at risk (e.g. inside tanks and furnaces) without personnel access.